Thank you very much for the beautiful stones.  They turned out just perfect, I really appreciate all your work and I know my friends who lost their sweet babies will be very touched by them.
            Mel Kelsall

Just wanted to let you know that our stone came today, and it is beautiful. It was a surprise for my mom, and I got to see her open it before I moved out of state this weekend. She was overwhelmed, and we are all very very happy with how it turned out. 
Thank you so much, 
       Kellie Grimes

I just received the granite memorial stone you made for us today.  It was for Katie, our little Jack Russell Terrier.  You did a fantastic job and we are very pleased with the final product.  Thank you for taking the time to work with us over the phone to make sure we got exactly what we needed.

Pewter Urns

Choose the size of Pewter Urn.
(Urn Sizes are for animal weight before cremation.)

Sizes are as follows:
Xsmall - 3 lb animal (3" Tall)
Small - 35 lb animal (5" Tall)
Med. - 65 lb animal (7" Tall)
Large - 100 lb animal
(8" Tall)
XL - 110+ lb animal (10" Tall)

Pewter Urns -  Pewter is  an attractive metal with a simple, soft and subdued texture.  We offer three different types of Pewter Urns to satisfy your style and taste.   The first one has three dominant lines on it.  The second one has beautiful embossed roses circling it and the third is Black with a whispy, flowing design.
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